Oops, We Did it Again

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Oops, We Did It Again

We’ve been working really, really hard this year, sourcing the best possible coffees, dialing in the flavor profiles, and trying to provide you with the tastiest cups of coffee we can. To have that recognized day in and out by you, our valued customers, is what keeps us going. Earning industry accolades is pretty cool, too, which is what we’ve done again this year in the third annual Golden Bean North America roaster’s competition.

With over 800 coffees competing in ten different categories, the competition was stiff. We were up against some pretty heavy hitters in the North American Specialty Coffee scene, so our two medals (that’s right, we won in two separate categories!) will, once again, be proudly displayed at the roastery.

Now about those coffees. One is a newbie, and the other, an old favorite among the decaf illuminati who frequent the warehouse, and local retail outlets.

Get to know your winners:

Kenya Karimikui AA —Silver Medal, Pour Over Filter Category

Two dramatic weather fluctuations (heavy rain followed by drought) put a lot of stress on the Kenyan plants causing yield to go down. However, due to this stress the coffee shrubs had a much slower maturation which resulted in some extraordinary quality in the cup. These are some of the most robust flavor profiles we’ve tasted out of Kenya in a couple years. While the price point is steep, it is well worth it!

We call Karimikui a mouth party. Full of character and excitement, the aromatics are explosive and dynamic like fresh roses, extraordinarily floral and clean. In the cup it is juicy, mouth-watering and sweet. Taste pink grapefruit, raw honey, tart cherry, caramel and soft florals on the finish. We always have one superbly unique flavor profile in our lineup and Karimikui AA has rocked that spot this summer.

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House Decaf — Bronze Medal, Decaffeinated (Milk Based) Category

Aaron has worked hard to dial-in this Swiss Water Process offering, coaxing all kinds of flavor out of a blend of Indonesian, Ethiopian and Mexican beans.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a raspberry and creamy butter aroma, followed by a sweet and tangy acidity that brings the raspberry-cream to life. As the cup settles on your palate and lingers into the finish, a lively and sweet body carries notes of rice pudding and cinnamon to the finish.

The perfect coffee for those who want the thrill and brightness of a medium roast without those pesky side-effects.

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