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Realizing that the coffee industry prioritized profitability over caring for the planet and people, Deborah Di Bernardo started Roast House in 2010 focusing on sustainable and ethical practices. She recognized how years of growth in the coffee industry took a toll on the environment and the farmers who depend on the crop for a living. Since the beginning, Roast House has committed to only serving and sourcing earth friendly coffees in order to help preserve this beautiful planet. We love to educate consumers and partners about where our coffee comes from and who produces it. By building long-term relationships with coffee producers, we are able to bring stability and consistency to your coffee program and the people who produced it. 

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Using Roast House Coffee is just the beginning. We offer on-going training, access to supply chain transparency, origin sheets, bar design consultation, access to equipment, educational content, and tools for running a kickass coffee shop. Whether you're looking to kick up your coffee game at the office or opening a full scale coffee program, we're here for you!

Things we care about

Our morning cup of coffee is becoming more and more valuable as green coffee is becoming harder to produce and sustain. This is not only because of equal pay for farmers but also climate change, disease, and quality. This is why we partner with World Coffee Research that operates in 21 countries to connect coffee producers and scientists to alleviate constraints to the supply chain of specialty coffee. Our mission is to help change the world so that we can have access to high quality coffee for many more years. We know that not all  take the time to consider environmental impact to their coffee, but we hope that together we can enjoy coffee that was carefully crafted and cared for by everyone in the supply chain.