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The first Independent Brewer’s Competition at our warehouse featured 12 entrants brewing El Limonar. Each was given a week with a free pound of coffee to practice and perfect their cup.


Stations at the event were pre-set with optional variable gooseneck kettles, grinders, and various small wares. Entrants brought their own brewing equipment - Aeropresses were common, but the crowd and judges were delighted with a jerry-rigged Turkish set up with an antique copper pitcher and the entrant who set up a hibachi for hot coals for a traditional Indonesian preparation.


Accompanied by chill beats by DJ Good Cat, outstanding food provided by The Bistro Box, a wide selection of beers from Orlison Brewing Company, three rounds of contestants presented cup after cup of stellar coffee.


The top three finalists all won a year’s subscription to Barista Magazine donated by Barista Magazine.

The first place winner, Stine Hansen, also took home a Baratza Encore grinder donated by Baratza and an Immersion dripper donated by Bonavita.

In second place, Perry Shove also won a North Face fleece jacket donated by Mountain Gear.

In third place, Evan Lovell not only took home his subscription, but also a kiss on the cheek from co-owner and long-time friend, Deborah Di Bernardo.


L-R: Douglas LaBar, Molly Patrick, Paul Fish, Stine Hansen (kneeling), Perry Shove,

Evan Lovell

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