Sustainability is achievable together

be nice to mother earth

We dig the planet!

Roast House Coffee was founded in 2010 by Deborah Di Bernardo and Jim Haynes with one clarified vision in mind: source certified coffees exclusively. Today, we continue to maintain our commitment to certified organic specialty producers.

Coffee is often drenched with nasty ass chemicals and deforested when opportunities of expansion arise. We recognize producing coffee is way more nuanced than we could capture in a few sentences intended to show you that we give a damn. By certifying our facilities and paying cooperatives what they need to maintain their certifications, we're able to verify that the coffees we roast are as kickass for the planet as they are in your cup.

did we do good?

We like people, mostly.

If there is one thing that we've learned over the past decade-plus, it's that solving sustainability challenges must be a collective approach. Sustainability has become a competitive marketplace where we often look at individual efforts as the single factor of saving the world, but if we're honest, that's pretty silly.

We are a tiny company with limited reach and having trusted exporters and importers allows us to provide the necessary tools producers need. Working with transparent partners creates an environment for discussion and decision-making that lines up with our commitment to paying sustainable wages throughout the supply chain. When you drink a cup of Roast House, you are supporting people fighting for a more sustainable specialty coffee industry and you better believe we're all working our little buns off!

women-produced coffees

Gender equity is friggin' important

As a women-founded, owned, and operated company, it's stupid important that we focus our sourcing energy to work with groups promoting a sustainable future for women and families. We currently source several women-producer groups to play a crucial role in our core blends, but are also top notch as single origins!

roasted like we give a shit

You deserve great coffee

Here is where we blabber on about how there is no one on the face of the earth that roasts as good as we do. Every bean is carefully roasted individually under a very tiny flame until perfection is achieved by our roasting team, but there are tons of great roasters out in the world. So why scoop up a bag of coffee from us?

To be fair to the discipline of the craft, our roasting and sourcing team works extremely hard to create a spectrum of flavor profiles. Our classics hold down the comforting flavor profiles we think fondly of. Single origins showcase the wild nature of coffee. As a plant, different varieties carry organic compounds ranging from chocolate to citrus to florals. When you introduce experimental processing methods, those flavors get turned all the way up to eleven.