Size Really Matters

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Size really matters…

One of the most common packaging complaints or “Gotchas” by consumers are undersized, diminished, itty bitty, small bags. It’s been a not-so-subtle shell game diverting our attention away from increasing prices.

What happened to the 1-pound bag of coffee?

Have you noticed prepackaged downsized sized shrunken bags of coffee? Food prices are way up. Raw materials, transportation costs and resources are higher. Margins shrink,stockholders invest elsewhere and manufacturers maintain profit margins by not only shrinking package size, but buying lower quality ingredients while charging more.

While we enjoy lower food costs more than almost any nation, our food prices have steadily increased while packaged foods have gotten smaller and more diminutive.

Have you noticed that most prepackaged coffee bags are only 10-12 ounces?

  • Thats a quarter pound less coffee
  • That is only 24 cups of coffee verses 32

We got big bags, cause size really does matter when you’re buying great coffee.

We sell our beans in one pound bags. Sixteen full ounces. Not downsized, cute-sized or under-sized!

  • Don’t wind up paying more for less
  • Choose our BIG BAGS
  • Where a pound of coffee is well…a pound of coffee!

And please do us the big (not small) favor of telling 500 of your closest friends about our nationally award winning coffees and BIG BAGS…

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