Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Posted by Deborah Di Bernardo on

Staying connected with family and friends is valuable anytime - but perhaps more-so this holiday season.   

Personalized messages are a direct 'touch' from people who care for us. I know I appreciate when I am addressed by name, especially when I see my name on a custom printed gift - it sparks sensations of joy and pleasure.  A serious dopamine hit!

Receiving a personalized short and meaningful message, whether heartfelt, ironic, or comedic, they provide an extra special touch, and let people know how much thought and effort you've gone to in order to demonstrate your appreciation of them.

Which is why we have always offered customized labels for our friends at no charge.

  • Birth Announcements featuring the babies name, weight, length and DOB. 

  • Birthday wishes 

  • Retirement 'cards' with dates of service and best wishes

  • Halloween coffees for trick or treat parents who do all the work and get nothing but crappy candy

  • Wedding Favors 

  • Life Celebrations

  • Business 'thank you' gifts

Spark joy this gift-giving season- its so easy, we do all the work. Head over to our holiday gift guide to choose from select coffees, write your custom messages and we'll take care of the rest!

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