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As many of you know, Roast House has committed to buying exclusively from certified organic and rainforest alliance producers since 2010. Alongside our value of preserving our beloved coffee plants, we focus our sourcing energies on long-term relationship coffees. With the help of 3 importer partners, we aim to buy from the same producers each year with the goal of expanding our support of those producers as we grow. 
Providing stability in our supply chain by committing to buying year after year is incredibly important to us.
This month and next month, we’re thrilled to bring back 2 beautiful coffees from Aquiares in Costa Rica and women-produced Santa Maria in Colombia. We are on our 5th year sourcing from these producer groups and we’ll have multiple lots from each in the coming months! These coffees have brilliant clarity in the cup, sweet as pie, and will absolutely blow your minds. Esperanza Red Honey is live now, Tabi Natural will come out next month, along with a run of different processing methods of the Centroamericano variety to kick off the new year!
Deb’s perspective on relationship coffees:
Local businesses, like us, depend on reliable, consistent support of their customers to remain in business and continue providing their products - so do the producers we source from!
With approx 70 countries producing coffee and easily 10,000 small producers per country - our laborious process of finding the most delicious, sustainable organic beans is work.  It takes a team of dedicated importers (who have boots on the ground), exporters, and non-profits who help us find these special beans.  Once we fall in love with a coffee, that you fall in love with, we do everything we can to maintain that relationship.  Every year within these relationships, our goal is to ensure the supply chain down to the producers know they have a reliable coffee roaster partner in us and can focus on improving their product verses leaving their lands due to unsustainable income.
Staying on their land not only allows them to improve their crops, but also provides continuous education for their children. Many of them who stay within the industry studying business, distribution and cultivation, harvesting,  processing and worldwide distribution, are our future providers. We owe it to them to be the best damn business partners we can be!
It has proven efficacy by the 20+ of our coffees that have won Good Food Awards, gold, silver, and bronze Golden Bean medals in the recent past 8 years! 
This is just the beginning, and we are excited to continue to bring these relationship coffees back better than ever each year. 

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