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Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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* LIMITED RELEASE * Kenya Karimikui AA
* LIMITED RELEASE * Kenya Karimikui AA


Kenya Karimikui AA


Pink Grapefruit,  Caramel,  Rose

Origin: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga
Co-op: Karimikui
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As is the case for many small producers, the cherries from Karimikui are hand-picked and then delivered via bike or ox-driven carts to the Co-op. Situated 2.5 miles away from Mt. Kenya National Park, the Karimikui coffee factory hand sorts the over and under ripe cherries before depulping, fermenting, washing and drying on raised beds. Processing water comes from the Nyamindi River that flows off the nearby mountain. Once the coffee has been washed, the water is sent through 2 large water tanks and seepage ponds to be treated before re-entering the river. Price point was exceptionally high in Kenya this year for two reasons: heavy rains hit the coffee shrubs early in the season, causing them to bud early; then, the second portion of the season there was a drought. These two dramatic weather fluctuations put a lot of stress on the plants causing yield to go down. However, due to this stress the coffee shrubs had a much slower maturation which resulted in some extraordinary quality in the cup. In fact, these are some of the most robust flavor profiles we’ve tasted out of Kenya in a couple years. While the price point is steep, we think it is 100% worth it!

Brought to us by Red Fox Coffee Merchants.

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When we first tasted this coffee it was like a mouth party-- laughs, great music, a vibe of inexplicable joy, full of character and excitement. The aromatics are explosive and dynamic like fresh roses, extraordinarily floral and fresh. In the cup it is juicy, mouth-watering and sweet. Flavors include pink grapefruit, raw honey, tart cherry, caramel and soft florals on the finish. We always have one superbly unique flavor profile in our lineup and this Summer, Karimikui is it.

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Pour-Over, Chemex, Drip, Aeropress