What Is HIZU Sparkling Tea?

Posted by Annisa Hale on

After a day of tasting countless coffees to ensure your cup is always top notch, we often find ourselves needing a lil' break during the day to avoid all those fun anxiety attacks. Back in 2015, Deb would brew up a concentrate of Hibiscus tea and cut it with soda water during the summer to stay cool- that quickly became a roastery staple. Plus, Hibiscus tea is bright, colorful, and free of any caffeine- a perfect afternoon or evening beverage. Before we knew it, we were making it by the gallon. After a couple of years, when we built our commercial cold brewery to bottle our F-Bomb Nitro Cold Brew, it was only a matter of time before HIZU made it into kegs! 
After searching for the best hibiscus teas, trying countless recipes, and testing a variety of ways to keep this treat free from sugar and caffeine- we decided on a general formula of ingredients. This recipe was elevated when we partnered with Spokane's Revival Tea Company! Hibiscus gives the drink a pleasant brightness, while the addition of orange peel, elderberry, and red rooibos bring some sweetness to the party. 
After it's all brewed up, we keg and carbonate lightly for a guilt-free summer treat! 
It is now in bottle form- pick one up at the Tasting Room or find it at a grocery store near you! (only available in specific grocery stores in Spokane)

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