Café De Americas & Why Deb Loves It

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Café De Americas is one of our most popular blends due to its well rounded, delicious body and flavor. In our first few months of business, Deb had an obsession with creating a blend that teleported her back to Italy. We blended and tried a variety of coffees, hoping to achieve the rich flavor you would get while walking around Italy, sipping on some espresso. While most Italian espresso blends use a Robusta- one of the two main coffee plants species that is grown at lower-elevations with higher caffeine content- we committed ourselves to only offering Arabica coffee, which is the brother of Robusta that offers much more complex flavors. Arabica makes up 70% of the world's coffee production and is generally considered as producing better tasting coffee. 


We put our developments to the test against the Italian classics, and on the cupping table, Café de Americas stood out from the rest. We highlight both origin and depth through the roasting process, bringing rich sweetness, heavy milk chocolate, and caramel tasting notes. 


For the past 10 years, we've been able to work exclusively with two groups in Mexico and Nicaragua. Given all the global supply chain challenges so many have faced this year, we were still able to maintain this iconic flavor profile in the Roast House Coffee lineup with two beautiful coffees from Honduras and Guatemala (scheduled to land in October). Both Honduran and Guatemalan coffee are known for their rich chocolatey, caramel tasting notes. After cupping a couple of fresh crop organic offerings, Honduras COMICOVEL and Guatemala Asproguate stood out for their sweetness, syrupy body, and chocolatey goodness! 


If you haven't tried it yet, come visit us at the Tasting Room for a free 2oz sample or purchase a pound of it here. Trust us, it's Damn Good. 





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