Coffee Bag Price Increase + Ways You Can Still Save!

Posted by Annisa Hale on

Our dedication to sourcing organic coffees includes supporting producers by paying sustainable wages and developing long-term relationships. In order to continue to support those relationships, we actively engage in paying more for our coffee. While we insulate our community from those price increases as best we can, this is a year we simply cannot do that in order to continue to live in those values. We owe it to the producers and our team, to price our coffees sustainably. 
As of January 1st, 2022, our prices on bags of coffee will increase.

The Good News- you are strengthening relationships in the supply chain, supporting sustainable agriculture, and allowing us to continue to do what we love- serving you damn good coffee. 

Plus, there are still ways for you to save!

Buy in bulk at 5lbs and save 20%
Bring your own container and save 15%

Subscribe on the website and save 10%
Buy in bulk 5lbs and save 10%
Thank you for continuing to support our earth friendly coffee. We believe sustainability is achievable together. 

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