Reforest Spokane

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It's no surprise that Roast House cares about the planet. Every coffee we source is certified by one, and often, multiple earth-friendly organizations. Protecting the precious resources and diverse ecosystems coffee comes from has been our top priority since day one.

Our commitment to the sustainability of the global coffee supply chain translates to our strong belief in supporting initiatives in our back yard. We've partnered with The Land's Council for over 10 years and counting giving out thousands of complimentary cups of coffee to fuel the amazing volunteers and staff. They work to revitalize Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective, action, and community engagement.

The annual Reforest Spokane Day a couple weeks ago had a phenomenal turnout of over 250 people signed up! Here's a recap from their newsletter:

"By 8:45 am, we had several groups of volunteers with shovels in hand and masks on, ready to plant. And volunteers did not stop arriving until 1:45 pm. College students, work volunteer groups, young kids, families… we had over 250 volunteers show up and show up in a big way. These dedicated volunteers planted every area that we had ready and got 1,500 native trees and shrubs in the ground. All while surviving the elements, getting covered in mud — and with a smile!"

If you live in the Inland Northwest, sign up for their newsletter, get involved and if nothing else – know that your support of Roast House goes to local and global organizations committed to taking care of our planet.

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