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Winter comes fast- you start off in October, happy and loving all the Autumn colors. Next thing you know, it is time to grocery shop for Thanksgiving dinner and then all of a sudden you are waiting in line to get those presents before Christmas Eve rolls around. A wonderful blend of constant stress but constant joy. Let us help you slow down, breathe and drink some damn good coffee with our Winter Brew- one of our signature blends that comes back to warms us up every year. 


It all started on a late Fall day when Deb, our vivacious owner, went to a yard sale that was hosted by Dan Kobe-Smith. She came across a picture of a painting of a laughing skeleton head and decided to purchase it. “It made me think of laughing at Winter”, said Deb when I asked her about the origin of the blend. The original print is hanging right outside of her office at Roast House. “It was Fall of our first year in biz- we wanted to create a special cold weather blend built around a darker (than we typically do) roast with some light roasted Ethiopian to sweeten it up”. Fast forward to 10 years later and we are still serving up some delicious Winter Brew. 


This year's blend consists of the fruited Ethiopian Dimtu Tero, women-produced Colombia Finca Santa Maria, and our classic Italian (a dark roast coffee from Nicaragua)-  and as always, 100% organic. “The idea of the blend is to be warm and inviting, you know, like a campfire. The Italian is in there for the body and richness. Overall, it is meant to be both fruit and sweet”, says our roaster Kyle. The initial sip coats the tongue with rich chocolate, almost like chocolate ice cream. After another sip, the coffee tastes like gingerbread and dried cherry. As the coffee cools down, it gets sweeter and tastes like mixed berries along with slight rooibos tea, creating a delightful cup of coffee for any type of weather. 

Grab a bag, grab a mug, and warm up with our Winter Brew as colder weather approaches us. 

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