Limited Release Drop Design

Posted by Annisa Hale on

If you are in need of a birthday gift or are searching for a damn cute mug for your morning coffee, we have the mug for you. Designed by our friend Evan George, our new mugs were created through a collaborative effort to represent the Roast House team and community. Featuring a white matte interior and exterior with sharp angles and bold lines, this 12oz cup is optimized for comfort. The logo that sits perfectly in the middle of the mug showcases a drop that consists of three parts. Evan George explains the inspiration for the drop: “Roast House is a very symbiotic business - there are many people and elements working together in unison to produce a product. The idea of togetherness and group effort for a common goal is really the main concept behind the logo”. 

We value everyone in the coffee supply chain, from cherry to farmer to coop to mill to importer to exporter to roaster and to you. We value community, sustainability, relationships all the way up to a damn good cup of coffee. The drop logo on the new mug represents this. Evan says “There are three defined segments within the drop. Each of those pieces represents a part of the Roast House brand. The people, passion and production. The people are what really makes Roast House what it is, without them it would cease to exist. The people are what bring the passion that fuels the brand. I see the passion for coffee and the culture at Roast House clearly. They support their world-wide community through sustainability and a drive to produce the highest quality products to share with their customers."

Next time you are in, check out our Limited mugs and celebrate community by having a cup of coffee with us. At distance, no problem – scoop up a set of mugs here.

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