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Our Coast To Coast coffee was born out of the hope to bring together two of our favorite Limited Release Single Origins to create a delicious blend that tastes like chocolate-covered fruits! It is currently comprised of our Costa Rica Red Honey and Ethiopia Mormora.


Costa Rica Red Honey 

We work with World Coffee Research and Ally Coffee Importers to bring y'all our F1 Costa Rica Red Honey. WCR was founded with one vision in mind: securing the future of coffee. They have stepped in as an organization to study, catalogue, and drive tools for producers to overcome the agricultural hardships producing coffee poses- from this, the F1 hybrid was born.

An F1 hybrid is a class or type of varieties made by crossing two genetically distant parents and using the first generation (F1) progeny. An F1 hybrid contains a complete mix of the genetics of both parents. This higher genetic potential means it is more likely to be adaptable across a wide range of environments. F1 hybrids are known to have a higher level of adaptability and performance due to “hybrid vigor”—they produce more cherry than either of the parents would and are more tolerant of diseases and pests than each parent would be alone. F1s eliminate many of the tradeoffs of the past—for example, coffee leaf rust resistance versus quality. World Coffee Research continues to be a driving force for  all future coffee- coming up with incredible ways to preserve our beautiful planet. Plus, it produces Damn Good Coffee. This year, we are tasting vanilla, brown sugar, pineapple, upside down pineapple cake, and black cherry. 



Ethiopia Mormora

Our natural processed Ethiopia Mormora comes from the Guji region and is sourced by Ally Coffee Importers. 

Mormora covers 200 hectares in the Guji growing region of Ethiopia. The coffee plants benefit from protection from the sun thanks to various shade plants, as well as a rich mixture of leaves and debris that decompose on the forest floor and fertilize the crop.

The team at Mormora manages the land in sections, with coffee trees undergoing 25 year cycles before being stumped to rejuvenate production. This particular lot of coffee came from a section of land named Duba. New trees are planted every year from seedlings in Mormora’s nursery. Seeds for the nursery originate from local heirloom varieties that were collected from “mother trees” nearby the farm. 

This year it is tasting like cherry jam, tangerine, green apple, and tropical fruits. 

Coast To Coast 

The combination of these two stellar coffees create our Coast To Coast blend. Expect a massive amount of chocolate and caramelized sugars brightened with a juicy acidity reminiscent of perfectly ripe pears. The finish is filled with butter toffee and juicy stone fruits ranging from peach to apricot. It is tasting real good on drip or flash brew or aeropress (honestly, it tastes good on everything...). 

Purchase a bag online or come get a free tasting at our Tasting Room here in Spokane. 


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