La Lucha: Fresh Offerings From Honduras

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"The La Lucha concept was born out of recognition that there are amazing coffees out there being grown by adept producers with little or no access to quality-focused markets. The fact is that there are still thousands of producers across the world working in remote and isolated places that lack access to representation and the infrastructure to connect to specialty markets. These producers often sell their high-quality coffee at low prices to collectors in local markets, coyotes, mills, unstructured cooperatives, or other outlets that provide no quality feedback loop and support of a sustainable livelihood." – S.H.


Alongside our sourcing partners at Sustainable Harvest, Roast House is joining La Lucha, which translates to 'the fight,' to showcase these individual farmers and allow their coffee to shine through our collective effort.


Marco Corrales || hot cocoa, hazelnut, plum

Marcos Antonio Corrales Sandoval's farm, Las Flores, is located on the La Botija mountain range, the largest wilderness reserve in southern Honduras. It has a unique micro-climate that is dry and high-altitude, helping lend to its exceptional flavor profile. Marcos grows his coffees under the natural pine trees of this protected forest, and has a 100% certified organic farm. We were able to secure his entire production this year. Grab a bag of this Roast House exclusive coffee!

La Florida || white grape, honey, cashew

Located in the heart of the La Botija mountain range, Finca La Florida is 22 hectares, of which 75% is planted with coffee. All of their coffee is grown under the shade of pine trees, using traditional farming methods. As the farm is located in the Bojita wilderness reserve, La Florida is 100% organic. Farmers use machetes to control weeds, and organic fertilizers and pesticides to maintain soil health and repel pests.


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