Fresh Out The Kitchen Winter 2019

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In 2015, we opened our Spokane Tasting Room to the public. Our goal was to engage our guests in how we source, roast and brew the lovely organic coffees on our menu. Anyone at anytime can come in and enjoy a complimentary black coffee tasting from our Modbar Pour-Over system. Our ability to educate is made possible by the high-trust relationships and we've had the honor of developing over the years. 

Since then, we have been blown away by the continued support. To keep things exciting, we are rolling out a seasonal menu called: Fresh Out The Kitchen. Everything is prepared in-house, curated by each member of the Roast House team to bring some extra flair to your next visit. We love these drinks and know you will too. Plan on enjoying delicious drinks from our Spring, Summer, Fall & current Winter menu throughout 2019.

Cocoa FuegoFirst up: Cocoa Fuego. inspired and developed by each member of the team. Brad came in one day and said, "Hey! We should do some sort of spiced chocolate." Fast forward 7 days exactly, Aaron pulled together the right ratio of each ingredient. Aly made the base for our decadent chocolate ganache, Kyle came in clutch recommending ancho chilé and Amanda topped it all off with the addition of a pink peppercorn garnish. 

Hi-ZuNext up is a drink we are most excited to drink once the weather warms up: Hi-Zu. While drinking delicious coffee everyday is a wonderful dynamic to our jobs, at times we need to calm down and rehydrate. During the buildout of our sister cafe, F1RST AVENUE, we dreamed of serving a delicious sparkling tea concoction with no sugar, no caffeine and completely guilt-free. We lightly carbonate a blend of hibiscus, elderberry and yuzu citrus to create a lush and lively beverage.

MarocchinoLast but not least comes a beverage from Italy, the motherland of espresso: Marocchino, which means Moroccan. We take our house espresso, dust that puppy with organic cocoa powder and top it off with 4-ounces of silky, textured milk. Made popoular in Alessandria named after a light brown Moroccan leather used in the 1930's.

We hope to see you real soon to enjoy one (or all three) of our latest creations. Keep an eye out on Facebook & Instagram for seasonal updates to this menu.

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  • They all sound fabulous in their own unique way! My mouth is watering!

    Patty Rockwell on

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