Fresh Out The Kitchen Summer 2019

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Summer time for us is a time of refreshment, long bike rides and having a damn fun time! We are excited to roll out our second menu and an incredible auction lot for the sunshine season. As always, everything is prepared in-house, curated by the members of the Roast House team to bring some extra flair to your next visit.

NitronicMeet our first creation: Nitronic! Our love for Gin and Tonic runs deep so we set out to develop a coffee-centric beverage to honor that love. Our single origin nitro from Ethiopia brings a ton of fruit-filled fun to the drink while our botanical syrup provides a complex sweetness. We shake that up to give a frothy head, topping it off with tonic for a crisp, refreshing and highly chuggable summer drink. 

If you've been to any of our brew method classes you'll know this next drink: Flash Brew. 1/3 of our normal brewing water is swapped out for ice in the bottom of the carafe. With the remaining 2/3, we use hot water to brew the coffee on our Modbar pour-over system. Time for some flavor theory: the tasty reactions that can only occur with hot water are still able to take place with this method giving the cup profile of a delicious pour-over. As it brews, the ice in the bottom of the pitcher flash chills it preventing the cup from oxidizing and becoming bitter. You end up with a sweet, smooth cup of iced coffee without having to wait as you do with cold brew. We still love our cold brew, but this can easily be replicated on most home brewers and pour-over systems. Each week we'll have a recommended coffee that we are particularly excited about. Of course, you can always have it your way and choose your favorite coffee and we'll whip it up for you.


Last but not least is a new coffee we are ridiculously excited to share with you! From the same producers as Sweet Blue comes Catira. The cup is filled with syrupy fruit flavors reminding us of blueberry compote. The experimental processing method brings out an amaretto sweetness finishing with peach jam and soft white florals. 

This coffee, just like music, is a composition: Daterra harvested three varietals Catucai, Acaua and Catigua, processed them individually then blended them for a mind-blowing and complex cup. The semi-carbonic maceration is a fermentation technique inspired by the winemaking style of Beaujolais. The ripe cherries are placed inside and hermetical tank. The CO2 released in the fermentation expels all the oxygen from the tank, creating an anaerobic environment. The maceration is result of the bottom cherries crushing under the weight of the top cherries providing an intense saturation in the flavor notes.

We hope to see you real soon to enjoy one (or all three) of our latest offerings.


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