Daterra Masterpiece Catira

  • Blueberry Cobbler, Amaretto, White Florals, Peach Jam

    PRE-ORDER ONLY. We’ll be roasting every Friday on our lab roaster to ship out Monday morning. Picking up a few other roasts? We’ll send those on Monday with your Masterpiece Catira. Cheers, friends.
  • We are excited to represent Daterra's Masterpiece series for the second year! From the same producers as Sweet Blue comes Catira. This coffee, just like music, is a composition: Daterra harvested three varietals Catucai, Acaua and Catigua, processed them individually then blended them for a mind-blowing and complex cup. The semi-carbonic maceration is a fermentation technique inspired by the winemaking style of Beaujolais. The ripe cherries are placed inside and hermetical tank. The CO2 released in the fermentation expels all the oxygen from the tank, creating an anaerobic environment. The maceration is result of the bottom cherries crushing under the weight of the top cherries providing an intense saturation in the flavor notes.

    Catira is folklorical dance, typical of southeast region. Dancers stomp feet and clap simultaneously, as a way to make the beats complement the guitar melodies. As many other Brazilian rhythms, Catira has hybrid origin with indigenous, African and European influences.
  • Pour Over: 25g coffee | 390g filtered water | 3:45
    Espresso: 19g coffee | 51g liquid espresso | 25-30 sec

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