Ethiopia Nano Genji

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ORIGIN: Ethiopia

REGION: Oromia

ZONE: Jimma 


ALTITUDE: 1900-2200 masl

VARIETY: Ethiopia Landraces 


DRYING: Raised beds 


The coffee diversity in Ethiopia is one of the most cherished in the world. The complex history, plant diversity, and flavor profiles add to the appeal. There are significantly different flavor profiles in many different regions of this country that makes you realize that coffee can be more so much more intricate. These coffees run the gamut from bright, floral, sweet, spicy, tropical, to juicy. It is a bean that acts as a gateway to realizing the vastness coffee flavor profiles can have. 


Our Nano Genji comes from Western Ethiopia, specifically in the town of Agaro, located in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia region. Red Fox Coffee Merchants, has worked closely with the Nano Challa cooperative for over 10 years to bring us this delicious organic coffee. Last year, the people working at Nano Challa exceeded their existing memberships which pushed them to open a new facility this year called Nano Genji that has new Penagos equipment and drying beds. Between both stations, there are 630 members working to create this unique coffee. Agaro was once chosen to be part of a project called USAID’s Technoserve project, which improved the farmer’s lives by raising the prices for coffee- this helped to establish relationships with the producers. Establishing long term relationships throughout the supply chain, specifically the farmers, allows us to build roots. The goal for sustainability is to establish high trust relationships, and this is done by equitable coffee sourcing over a long period of time. We're in it for the long haul and so is Red Fox - one of many reasons we work with them! 


This process begins when the coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station, after being handpicked, and inspected for defects. Once they separate the defects, the cherries are depulped, which removes the fruit from the beans. Next, the beans undergo fermentation which usually takes 18-36 hours, depending on the coffee value. The final stage is drying the beans on a raised beds under the sun. The end result is a clean cup of coffee that allows you to taste the flavours of the origin and variety. 


Ethiopian coffees are known for their density and ability to handle heat in the roasting process. Due to the excellent sorting and quality of Nano Genji, we're able to apply a lot of heat on the front end of the roast. This allows the vibrancy to become expressive throughout the cup. Midway through, we slow things down to develop that candy-like sweetness you’ll experience. Finishing off the roast with a relatively aggressive landing gives the cup a snappiness while still providing sweetness and structure, making a highly drinkable coffee.


After we roast the Nano Genji, we like to use a pour over method to taste all of the intrinsic flavors from the beans. The first sip immediately hits the back of your throat with juicy nectarine. As you keep sippin’, the sweetness moves from juicy nectarine to peach rings. When it cools down, the coffee is full of mouth watering watermelon that is tasty to the last sip. 

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