Coffee and Bikes

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Coffee and bikes are kind of our jam! I sat down with Deb, our founder, to ask her what she loved most about bikes (besides the obvious of them being wicked sweet).

Q: Deb, why did you get into cycling and what kept you riding?

Living in a time of seriously threatened resources it didn't take much thought to adjust my lifestyle to lessen dependency where I can.  Being within a couple miles from my workplace and downhill, biking to work made perfect sense. 

Easy, sweat-free exercise (at least the downhill portion) 
No daily parking expense 
Hardly ever had to pull into a gas station
Plus, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that I loved the attention my high heels, skirts and big red hair popping out of my helmet garnered as I flowed with traffic (and at times, whipped pass). 
Riding all year required special gear. Winter riding required serious studded snow tires, GORE-TEX mittens, coats, pants, and warm boots.  The evening uphill ride typically resulted in shedding all outta gear as I climbed the South Hill.  Damn, it was a hell of a workout for a couple decades.  Bone cancer brought that perfect, sustainable exercise to an end.  I miss it.  
I would hope that everyone who could, would adopt this crazy wonderful means of commuting to work.
Since then, bike life has been an integral part of every day life at Roast House. We've poured thousands of cups of coffee at bike races and community events while continuing the legacy of Ride The Edge, a most delicious blend that fuels all our two-wheeled adventures. 

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  • I’m wearing my brown “Ride the Edge” T shirt as I write this. I love, love winter brew. Your Medical Lake fan who found you in the San Francisco airport! Love you! Sandy

    Sandy Staples on
  • Love this, making me crave a bag of RTE right now. Get it, Deb!

    Ryan on

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