Chill Baby, Make Your Own Cold Brewed Coffee

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Love cold brew coffee?  Want it for home use?

Pay the BIG BUCKS for out-of-town, pre-made, questionable bottled coffee or do it yourself!

We pour hundreds of gallons of free organic cold brewed RIDE THE EDGE  each year - starting now through the first sign of snow flurries in fall - at community events.  People love it.  Not sure if thats because of the low acidity (up to 65% less), bold smooth taste, the ease of  use or the fact that our coffee is so incredibly wonderful?  (I’ll opt for this choice)

Its a popular coffee drink at local area coffee houses this time of year.  And, already the calls and emails are coming in asking ‘how to brew it at home’?

So, you can pay big bucks or you can choose your fav micro roaster’s coffee and do it yourself, saving TONS of money.  It really is easy!  Simply  follow the instructions…

  • A pound of coarse ground coffee (coarsest setting on your grinder) with approximately 1 gallon of filtered, cool (NOT COLD) water added  begins the steeping process.  If you use fresh coffee, like ours, you will have to stir the grounds back into the water a couple times in the first hour.
  • Steep the coffee at room temp up to 24 hours.  Every coffee wonk, on-line or locally, will insist you follow their brew instructions.  Years of  experience with this method has led me to understand different coffees and people’s preferences require different brew times.  Its personal.  Its up to you and your taste buds.  You’ll figure out what works best for you.     Each Spring we feature a ‘cold-brew’ tasting - open to the public - to help us understand which coffees are best appreciated by you.  Light to medium roasts/blends seem to be the most ‘liked’ locally.
  • Strain the concentrated mixture (very similar to pure espresso).  Unbleached paper filters, organic cotton pillow cases help with this.  But the easiest way is to use a Toddy maker and adjust the coffee and water amounts accordingly for this unit.  We have them available here at our warehouse.
  • Though many websites report that refrigerating the concentrate will hold it up to 2 weeks -I can taste the degradation after 1 week.


Iced Coffee - fill a glass with ice, add 2-4 ounces of concentrate over the ice, fill to the top with filtered water.  Or leave room for a splash of cream.

Iced Latte - fill your glass with ice, add concentrate (its up to your taste buds), fill to the top with the milk of your choice.

Iced Mocha - pour the desired amount of chocolate into your cup, add concentrate and stir vigorously, add ice and top it with milk.

Hot Coffee Drinks - gently warm up your concentrate, add hot water or milk and or flavors and its done!

These are a few of our local coffee partners featuring cold brew coffee as one of their coffee menu options.

Downriver Grill uses a special cold-brew blend we created just for their much loved tiramisu.

Chairs Coffee blows through gallons of cold-brewed Cafe de America each day during the summer months and pours free samples at community events.

Atticus serves Ride the Edge all season long. Just be sure to ask for it.

Manito Tap House switches it up a bit - they offer Ride the Edge, Batzchocola and Cafe de America - just ask whats on tap.

The Scoop - Jen  changes things up also, so be sure to ask which one is on ice.

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