Ride The Edge

Our local community is everything to us- and so is cycling. One of our very first priorities after opening our doors was to create a sustainable blend of coffee specifically for our vibrant local cycling community in memory of Dave Moffitt, pioneer of Spokane mountain bike culture. With the help, humor, and taste buds of a group of dedicated cyclists, we worked for months roasting, cupping, and blending a series of single origin coffees until we found the perfect coffees to create Ride the Edge. All seasonal blends are made with at least one gender equity initiative focused coffee. These programs focus on empowering women producers and building strong family units for sustainable family farms for years to come.

This year we combine our Washed Ethiopia Duromina, Washed Colombia Santa Maria Manos de Mujer, and Washed Peru Rutas del Inca to create a cup of coffee that satisfies all taste buds. Expect aromatics of caramel and milk chocolate, brightened with a sweet red apple acidity that transitions into cocoa powder. As the coffee cools, the sweetness turns into a balanced ripe pear.

Try it on Espresso, Batch Brew, and Pour Over.

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