Peru El Chasqui

  • Bright rainier cherry and a fruit salad complexity lead into nectarine, persimmon among a myriad of ripe fruits that fill the cup. The finish has a saturated sweetness similar to maple syrup providing structure and a lingering finish.
  • Roast House and Rutas del Inca have been working together since 2014 because of Sustainable Harvest's continued work in Peru. Each year quality has improved as their trees mature and increase in sweetness, clarity and complexity. Piloted for the first time in 2018 in collaboration with Sustainable Harvest, Rutas del Inca’s quality control team segmented out coffees from the best performing producers in the cooperative, and blended them to create smaller, exceptional lots. This particular lot was named after the famous Inca empire couriers: El Chasqui produced by 6 producers.
  • Drip
    French Press

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