Organic Mocha Java
Organic Mocha Java
Organic Mocha Java
Organic Mocha Java

Organic Mocha Java

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A sweet cup layered with notes of chocolate covered blueberries, baking spices, and chocolate cake.

Mocha Java, the O.G. of coffee blends, was famed to originally come the Republic of Yemen and Java. Although the arabica coffee tree originated across the Red Sea in Ethiopia, Yemen Mocha was the first coffee to be traded outside the region in which it was grown. We call it Mocha because for over two hundred years virtually all of it was shipped through the Red-Sea port of Al-Makha or Mocha. The old port of Mocha is now in ruins and most Yemen coffee is shipped through the port of Al-Hudayda farther north. That, however, is about the only thing that has changed about Yemen Mocha. When the Dutch established commercial coffee growing in their new colony in Java they added to Europe’s globalizing coffee menu. Thus Mocha-Java, a blend that for eighteenth-century Europeans combined the extreme ends of their coffee-growing world.

Since then, many roasters have created their nod to the beginnings of blending coffees. Our current organic blend is compromised of a fruit-forward coffee from Ethiopia and a rich offering from Honduras. 

Size 12oz
Grind Whole Bean

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our blending approach

Many moons ago, coffee traders thought it'd be a good idea to take two different origins with vastly different cup profiles and combine them to make a super blend of deliciousness.

To honor the industry tradition, we take our long-term relationships with cooperatives and producers to create our line of house classics. While coffee as a plant changes in quality yearly, we work to ensure the flavor profiles of our blends remain predictable and comforting.