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Our podcast is dedicated to serving our mission of changing the world through sustainability in the coffee supply chain. We believe that is achievable when we have conversations together. We cover all sorts of topics to educate both coffee lovers and non-coffee lovers on ways to better the planet! If you are hoping to learn about the specialty coffee world, then you are in the right place. Find some of our recent episodes below!

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B corp coffee & sustainable harvest with david griswold

Aaron and Annisa dive into the foundations of Sustainable Harvest, one of Roast House’s committed  importer partners, and their strong dedicated values to a sustainable future in coffee. David Griswold founded and sits as the CEO of Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, the first coffee importing company to become B Corp Certified, where they built their sourcing practices on a relationship model. Better business is putting people before profit.

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What is Swiss Water Decaf

In this episode Aaron and Annisa interview Director of Marketing for Swiss Water Decaf, Erin Reed. We thoroughly cover how Swiss Water decaffeinates their coffee, where they source from, and the most common ways to decaffeinate coffee.

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World Coffee Research with Hanna Neuschwander

Aaron and Annisa dive into the foundations of World Coffee Research by spending time with Hanna Neuschwander discussing climate change, coffee varieties, the future of coffee as a plant, and the inspiring work being done across the globe. World Coffee Research is an organization based out of Portland, Oregon that is dedicated to growing, protecting, and enhancing supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.

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International Coffee Agreement History with our importer Dean from Ally Coffee Importers

Dean has dedicated the last several years understanding the history of international coffee agreements and the intersection with the specialty coffee industry. In this episode, we will get to know Dean while discussing the nuanced dynamics between the producing world and the consuming world.

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Talking coffee science & flavor with ilze

In this episode we’ll talk about Ilze’s journey in the sciences and her passion for coffee research. We delve into all sorts of topics about how to enhance your palette, how taste ties into emotion, and where sweetness in coffee comes from. Aaron and Annisa learn all about why people love certain kinds of coffee. 

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Fair Trade with Sam

In this episode, Annisa and Aaron interview Samantha from Fair Trade USA. They discuss the value proposition of Fair Trade and their strategy for growth into the future of coffee. Sam started in specialty coffee as a barista while she completed her graduate degree in Sustainable Solutions. After completing her Master’s Degree, she began working with Fair Trade USA in the business development space. Educating, informing, and working with roasters like us about the value of Fair Trade certifications.

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