Organic Winter Brew

Organic Winter Brew

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Size 12oz
Grind Whole Bean

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A full-bodied cup layered with notes of butterscotch, red berries, and milk chocolate.

It all started on a late Fall day when Deb, our founder, went to a yard sale that was hosted by our dear friend, Dan Kobe-Smith where she found his painting of a laughing skeleton head and had to have it. “It made me think of laughing at Winter”, said Deb when we asked her about the origin of the blend. The original print is hanging right outside of her office at Roast House. As Fall approached that first year in business, she wanted to create a special cold weather blend built around a deeper developed roast with touch of natural Ethiopia to sweeten the cup. Fast forward to 12 years later and October-February you'll find Winter Brew on offer.

This year we combined four coffees, a blending style we haven't tinkered with in years!  It is comprised of natural Rwanda Abakundakawa, washed Ethiopia Suke Quto, washed Nicaragua Procafe, and the legendary F-Bomb roast profile!

our blending approach

Many moons ago, coffee traders thought it'd be a good idea to take two different origins with vastly different cup profiles and combine them to make a super blend of deliciousness.

To honor the industry tradition, we take our long-term relationships with cooperatives and producers to create our line of house classics. While coffee as a plant changes in quality yearly, we work to ensure the flavor profiles of our blends remain predictable and comforting.