Organic Epic

Organic Epic

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A sweet cup layered with notes of orange creamsicle, caramel, and fudge.

We like to romanticize the creation of blends as a coffee industry, envisioning weeks and months of constant tasting, adjustments, tasting again and again until the blend is just perfect. The reality is, coffee is agricultural and inherently changes seasonally. One year, we had an excess of a brilliantly floral coffee that we needed to figure out what to do with it. We all knew we loved Cafe de Americas with all its chocolate and caramel goodness. The lightbulb was lit and we combined the vibrant and floral Ethiopia with the components of Café de Americas- what did we get? A brilliantly layered cup that smells fruity and flowery, moves to fresh-made fudge in the cup, and as it cools picks up an almost orange creamsicle-like experience. The blend stuck and now exists to bring together the best of both Latin American and African coffees.

Size 12oz
Grind Whole Bean

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our blending approach

Many moons ago, coffee traders thought it'd be a good idea to take two different origins with vastly different cup profiles and combine them to make a super blend of deliciousness.

To honor the industry tradition, we take our long-term relationships with cooperatives and producers to create our line of house classics. While coffee as a plant changes in quality yearly, we work to ensure the flavor profiles of our blends remain predictable and comforting.