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Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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Coffee Sampler
Coffee Sampler

Unsure of which of our delicious coffees to buy? No worries -- you can try sampler sizes of four most delicious coffees! Included in our sampler: Noir, Shadow, Café De Americas, and F-Bomb.

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Unsure of which of our delicious coffees to buy? No worries -- you can try the Roast House Sampler! Included in the sampler are four (4) 2 oz bags of our most delicious coffees: Noir, Shadow, Café De Americas, and F-Bomb.

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Noir Flavor Profile:

Charred Oak Aroma, Walnut Acidity, Buttery Body with notes of English Tobacco and German Chocolate. Not for the faint of heart, this single-origin is roasted using an aromatic roasting style that makes it pack a punch. The smoke of a freshly charred oak barrel does not mislead you, then the first sip with mellow acidity of walnut leads to a body that is subtle and smooth. Keep sipping-- hints of classic English tobacco and dark chocolate are waiting under the deep smoke. Your brother’s up in his room, playing along to Black Sabbath. Offer him a cup.

Shadow Flavor Profile:

Caramel Aroma, Coriander Acidity, Creamy Body with notes of Oak and Dark Chocolate. This coffee walks the line between “Bold” and “Smooth”, although those are not the most adequate descriptors in the real world--Shadow brings together the mellow acidity of the Central American coffees with the pronounced characteristics of Indonesia. A rich darkened caramel aroma hides some underlying hints of blue agave and cinnamon that pop as the coffee cools. The cup itself has a body like half and half leading into complexities of fine chocolate. Forget the s’mores -- take the chocolate!

Café De Americas Flavor Profile:

Toffee Aroma, Caramel Acidity, Cocoa Body with notes of Chocolate and sweet Dried Banana. Most often people associate this coffee with pudding, which at its finest is balanced between sweet and savory. This cup embraces that balance, welcoming aromas of toffee which hide an intriguing undertone of dried banana. The first sip is reminiscent of the brightness of caramel in its gentle but pronounced sweetness, leading way to a cocoa-like body which amplifies the chocolate found in the finish. An absolute winner among those who enjoy balance, throw it on the espresso machine and you will find the tanginess of peaches. This ain’t your momma’s coffee. But she’ll like it, too.

F-Bomb Flavor Profile:

Dark Chocolate Aroma, Blood Orange Acidity, Phat Body with notes of Dried Cherry and Cacao. Big and robust, this is the kind of cup that pairs well with pretty much everything. Dark chocolate and rich fruit aromatics are only the beginning -- the body is bold with enough roast to deepen it even further without that charred vibe.

As it cools, you might be surprised by a number of flavors, a hint of dried cherry and dry cacao broaden the horizon of flavors as it extends to a syrupy finish.

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Brewing Methods
Espresso, Pour-Over, Chemex, French Press
Noir Noir


Dark Chocolate  Charred Oak  Walnut

Origin: Indonesia
Region: Aceh
Co-op: Permata Gayo
Shadow Shadow


Dark chocolate, caramel, oak

Origin: Sumatra, Honduras, Peru
Region: Gayo, Copan, Cajamarca
Café de Americas Café de Americas


Cocoa  Toffee  Caramel

Origin: Nicaragua, Honduras
Region: Madriz, Copan