Peru Paric

  • On the original cupping table, this coffee was popping with all sorts of brightness so we chose to highlight that as we transition from Winter to Spring. A natural sweetness comes through from aroma into that first sip that reminded us of gummy candies. As it sits on the palate a clean black tea flavor wraps around that vibrant currant finishing into a citrus acidity. From grapefruit to pomelo and even lemon, the complexity opens up as this coffee cools down. A magnificent offering from one of our favorite producers in Peru.
  • In 2014, our Head Roaster was tasting several offerings from Latin America. As is usual, each cup was coded to prevent any bias towards a particular origin. One cup, he kept coming back to again and again. Dense mouthfeel, great sweetness and depth with this grape-like acidity that made for a crisp and clean cup. After scoring each cup, there was one clear winner and that coffee happened to come from Peru - an origin we had never tasted such complexity and clarity from before. That day we made the decision to partner with a brand new cooperative founded in 2015, Rutas del Inca (Path to the Incas). Every year since, we have continued to work with Rutas del Inca and after 3 years the commitment is paying off. This year, alongside our bulk lot we wanted to highlight this small lot selection called Paric. It is incredibly sweet, layered with bright fruits and not one to miss!
  • Drip

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