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Fresh Fuit, Mouth-Coating, Caramelized Sugars


Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
Co-op: Hambela
Coffee Story
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Coffee Story:

Traditional espresso has always been thought of within the confines of a deeply developed blend of two or three origins. While these blends can be extraordinarily delicious and pair well with milk, we got to thinking: Why limit espresso to that definition?

Green coffee quality continues to improve, and we have access to some exceptional beans. In honor of these beans, and with a sense of endless possibilities—a life with no limits— we’ve decided to shake things up and highlight the dynamic nature of single origin espressos. No Limits is a non-traditional style espresso that will feature the most versatile, seasonal, single origin we can find.

Why? Because, we like to geek out. Because we love the unlimited possibilities that reside in these beans. Because nothing can match the joy of a perfect, complex, and intriguing espresso.

Current in-season offering: Ethiopia Hambela
From the fertile region of Oromia, home to many great coffees, comes this organic offering from Hambela. Originally founded by Muluemebet Emiru on a government grant awarded her for being the first female pilot in Ethiopia in 1934, Hambela is now a family owned operation. Muluemebet's family continues her legacy through METAD, an agricultural development group comprised of 70% female workers, offering healthcare and education for producer's families. Situated between 1900-2200 meters above sea level, Hambela utilizes both natural and washed processes. We are pleased to feature this washed offering as our first round of No Limits.

Flavor Profile
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Flavor Profile:

Specific flavor notes vary based on what’s in-season. You can expect everything you love in a great filter coffee— but as espresso. Think: crisp, clear flavors, unparalleled cleanliness, mouth-coating body, fresh fruits with a lingering caramelizing sugar sweetness. In milk, No Limits provides enough depth to pack a punch in your Latte, but rocks in smaller ratios, like Macchiatos and Cappuccinos. While it sings sweetest as espresso, it has no limits. Throw it in your morning pour over and enjoy a richly sweet cup.

Recommended Espresso Parameters: 20g dry coffee, 43g liquid espresso, 27-32 seconds @ 9 bars

Roast Profile
Medium Light
Brewing Methods
Pour-Over, Espresso, Drip, Aeropress