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Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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Mocha Java
Mocha Java


Cocoa  Berry  Nutmeg

Origin: Sumatra, Ethiopia
Region: Gayo, Wotona
Co-op: N/A
Coffee Story
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Mocha Java, the O.G. of coffee blends.

Replicated through the years by many roasters — we all want to recreate the magic of our first encounter with this Mocha Java. While the original formula combines natural processed Yemen Mocha (in all its fruit and wine-like glory) with a rich, rustic bean from Java, our modern twist blends the fruity power of a natural processed Ethiopian with a sweet, clean, earthy Sumatran. The interplay of these beans yields a balanced, buoyant, rich, and resonantly flavorful cup.

Flavor Profile
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Robust aromatics of mixed berries give way to a sip of sweet cacao. Syrupy berry compote and a full body balances into a spiced chocolate finish.

Not bright, not roasty, not smoky. Just the tantalizing, lingering interplay of fruit and chocolate, through-and-through.

Roast Profile
Medium Dark
Brewing Methods
Aeropress, Mokka Pot, French Press, Pour-Over, Chemex, Espresso, Drip