Malawi Mzuzu *PRE-ORDER*

  • Floral and vibrant aromatics lead into a mouthfeel experience unlike anything we've had before. A cooling effect reminiscent of fresh mint while maintaining those bright currant-like fruit profile. Unique, dynamic, grab it while it's hot!
  • Malawi Mzuzu was sourced through the collaboration of our local Spokane community. Sustainable Harvest sourced 10 coffees for us to cup from, the F1RST AVENUE Mug Club whittled those 10 down to 1 coffee. Once it arrived at Roast House, we roasted and cupped again with the Mug Club to find everyone’s favorite roast style. Finally landing on this beautiful coffee we are excited to share.

    PRE-ORDER ONLY. We’ll be roasting our limited Malawi Mzuzu every Friday at F1RST AVENUE. After roasting on Friday, we’ll ship orders Monday morning. Picking up a few other roasts? We’ll ship those on Monday with the Malawi Mzuzu. Cheers, friends.
  • Drip
    Pour Over

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