Jesus Mountain, Tekisic Variety *PRE-ORDER*

  • Yellow apple, brown sugar & stewed fruits. This cup is all about fruit cobbler: syrupy sweet, crunchy sugars and bright fruit.
  • Coffees from Cerro de Jesus are picked ripe and depulped/mechanically demucilaged the same day. They are fermented dry for 12–36 hours before being washed once and dried on Cafetos de Segovia's patios, either shaded or in full sun. Drying typically takes between 10–15 days. This coffee is a single-variety selection of Tekisic, a Bourbon-derivative cultivar created by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) and distributed in the 1970s after 30 years of development. Singling out varieties is very difficult making this coffee that much more special!

    PRE-ORDER ONLY. We’ll be roasting every Friday on our lab roaster. After roasting on Friday, we’ll ship orders Monday morning. Picking up a few other roasts? We’ll ship those on Monday with Jesus Mountain. Cheers, friends.
  • Drip
    Pour Over

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