Ethiopia Mormora

Packed with cardamom aromatics along with notes of cherry jam, green apple, and a dried orange finish, this natural process Ethiopia is grown by smallholder producers from a lot named Duba, located in the Guji region. Mormora covers 200 hectares and the coffee plants benefit from protection from the sun thanks to various shade plants. The team at Mormora manages the land in sections, with coffee trees undergoing 25 year cycles before being stumped to rejuvenate production. New trees are planted every year from seedlings in Mormora’s nursery. Seeds for the nursery originate from local heirloom varieties that were collected from “mother trees” nearby the farm. 

A natural process, also called the dry process, is when the fruit is left on the bean, resulting in fruitier and sweeter characteristics.

Try it on Drip, Pour Over or Espresso.

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