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* LIMITED RELEASE * Ethiopia Homacho Waeno
* LIMITED RELEASE * Ethiopia Homacho Waeno


Ethiopia Homacho Waeno


Raspberry,  Watermelon,  Lavendar

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Aleta Wondo, Sidamo
Co-op: Homacho Waeno
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Homacho Waeno is a part of a much larger cooperative group in Sidamo, Ethiopia called Sidamo Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Union (SCFCU). Winners of several international competitions, they are a very well sought after producing group. SCFCU provides technical support, connections to certification programs, financial services, and reinvests profits back into the community. Heirloom varieties are grown at 2,100 meters above sea level and processed by soaking the coffee for 48 hours then placing it on parabolic raised beds to dry until the optimum moisture content is achieved. This is our first year working with Homacho Waeno, and it is a classic representation of cup clarity, florality and refreshment—all the things we love about great Ethiopian coffees.

Brought to us by Red Fox Coffee Merchants

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Cup character vary from region to region in Ethiopia, and we look for crisp flavors, layered sweetness and a refreshing quality. Homacho Waeno hits all these marks. The aroma is perfumed with lavender and lilac florals, while the cup carries layered ripe red fruits. Watermelon, ripe red raspberry, homemade lemonade and fresh cut lavender are all things that come to mind as we drink this coffee. As it cools it opens up with various wild berry characteristics, settling into a fruit jam, even candy-like sweetness. This coffee is a great choice for those looking to try something fresh.

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Brewing Methods
Aeropress, French Press, Drip, Chemex, Pour-Over