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Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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* LIMITED RELEASE * Ethiopia Hambela
* LIMITED RELEASE * Ethiopia Hambela




White Peach, Cranberry, Caramel

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
Co-op: Hambela
Coffee Story
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Coffee Story:

From the fertile region of Oromia, home to many great coffees, comes this organic offering from Hambela. Originally founded by Muluemebet Emiru on a government grant awarded her for being the first female pilot in Ethiopia in 1934, Hambela is now a family owned operation. Muluemebet's family continues her legacy through METAD, an agricultural development group comprised of 70% female workers, offering healthcare and education for producer's families. Situated between 1900-2200 meters above sea level, Hambela utilizes both natural and washed processes. We are pleased to feature this washed offering.

Flavor Profile
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Flavor Profile:

This cup greets you with brilliant Earl Grey aromatics: black tea, vanilla, and bergamot, sweetly layered. A white peach vibrancy spreads across the palate, moving to a cranberry juiciness. Caramel sweetness wraps the bright fruit finish into an essence of lime zest.

Start 2017 right with a real zinger!

Roast Profile
Brewing Methods
Pour-Over, Drip, Aeropress