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Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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* LIMITED RELEASE * Ethiopia Diima #9
* LIMITED RELEASE * Ethiopia Diima #9



Grape Taffy, Berries, Brown Sugar

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Co-op: Sede Washing Station
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Sede is a privately owned washing station by Alemayehu Yirdaw. They collect and buy cherries from various smallholders along with Alemayehu's very own farm at the washing station. Producing great Natural coffees is challenging and it requires at least as much attention to details as producing good Washed coffees. They have site collectors in the local villages carefully selecting the ripe cherries, which are then hand sorted for under-ripe and over ripe cherries to get a sweeter and cleaner product. The Natural coffee is normally processed at the later part of the harvest and that’s when the harvest is peaking at the higher altitudes. The first phase of drying is crucial and are placed in thin layers on the tables to avoid fermented flavors until they reach what’s called the “raisin” stage at about 25% moisture in a few days. It’s important to move the cherries carefully to avoid damage on the fruit. In the second phase, from 25% - 12% moisture, the layers are built up, and constantly moved during daytime, and allowed to rest midday and at night. An uncontrolled drying sequence can increase the very fruity flavors and make it unstable, and if too slow it can create mold and other off flavors. It’s a costly process that requires good labor and attention if you want it at the highest quality levels. Which we believe they have done with excellent precision. This is a memorable coffee we highly recommend snagging before it's all gone!

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Natural Ethiopians are notorious for filling the room with unmistakable aromatics of berries. Every time we ground this coffee on the cupping table, someone would poke their head in the room and ask, "Who's grinding fresh berries?!" Diima #9 brings explosive aromatics, one that we find magical.

Crisp, pronounced and dynamically clean are descriptors rarely ascribed to the all too often fermented and muddy flavors in many Natural processed coffees. This coffee defies that normal expectation.

Aromatics of blueberry and a complex floral dynamic explode as you grind the coffee. Next, a cornucopia of dynamic fruits hits your palate. Think: grape taffy, fresh strawberry, in a syrupy body.

While we generally drink our coffee black, if you choose to go the milk route we highly recommend it! In a Cappuccino or a little cream, all those berries found in the cup turn into a blueberry cheesecake or some have even said it reminds them of a bowl of fruity cereal. With all this complexity, all these amazing dynamics, Diima can be savored-- and analyzed-- cup after cup.

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Aeropress, Drip, Espresso, Pour-Over, Chemex