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Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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* LIMITED RELEASE * El Balar Double Washed
* LIMITED RELEASE * El Balar Double Washed



Vanilla, Pear, Honey

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: San Marcos
Co-op: RYS Micro-Mill
Coffee Story
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Finca El Balar is settled in San Marcos, Costa Rica growing Caturra varieties with the help of an organic compost known as "bioles." They had the idea to start processing their own coffee because they needed to add value to their product and they weren’t making a sustainable business by delivering cherries to the Coop. RYS micro-mill is one of the first micro-mills that started selling specialty coffee to international markets in Tarrazu. After many experiments in 2005 they found the process and type of coffees that worked for their markets. In 2015 they suffered a crisis and lost access to the markets, so they had to start again and look for new markets. They were used to processing more "Honey's" and "Naturals," this year our good friend Marianela suggested them to try to do a process commonly found in Kenya called "Double-Washed." They started doing double washed process with the de-pulped coffee seeds in a water channel for 12 hours. After that first soaking, they bring in fresh water and soaked again. After that, the seeds are brought out to patios and allowed to dry for 8-10 days until they reach optimal moisture content (around 10.5%). All this extra attention to detail has produced one of the juiciest and sweetest washed coffee from Costa Rica we've had in some time.

Brought to us by Nordic Approach.

Flavor Profile
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As it brews allspice, the finest of Swiss chocolate and a burst of Asian pear pop from the brewer. In the cup, expect aromatic sweetness of a fresh vanilla pod while being refreshing like a crisp pear or even red apple. The finish carries that sweetness with a slight nuttiness and fresh honey lingering on the palate.

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Brewing Methods
Aeropress, Drip, Pour-Over, Chemex