Ejidos Gesha

  • The cup profile is jam-packed with sweet, fruited flavors reminiscent of huckleberry jelly and all things purple. In classic Gesha fashion, a bouquet of fresh cut flowers wraps up the cup in a playful experience. The sweetness dominates the cup with browned butter, chocolate malt and a cranberry-orange vibrancy as the cup cools. One to experience, and even better, to share.
  • Gesha variety was originally collected from coffee forests in Ethiopia in the 1930s. It came to prominence in 2005 when the Peterson family in Boquete Panama entered it into the “Best of Panama” auction breaking the then-record, selling for over $20/lbs. In recent years, many producing countries have sought to produce high quality Geshas; however, with the intense management and high altitude required to produce world-class Geshas, before this year very few we’ve cupped have wowed us enough to purchase.

    This year is different! Mexico has been a core part of our sourcing initiative for nearly 10 years. When an opportunity to work with a neighboring community to Majomut (a.k.a. F-Bomb ) arose, we seized the opportunity. Luis Herrera harvested 120kg of their first year’s production on 2-hectares designated to the Gesha trees. We purchased the entire production to share with you!
  • Drip
    French Press

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