Costa Rica Aquiares

  • Ripe fruit saturates the cup finishing silky with rich chocolate notes. In the middle of the cup, juicy and ripe plum transitions to peach giving the cup a structured acidity. As it cools, that brightness turns almost pulpy like fresh-squeezed juice grounded by the structure of milk chocolate qualities.
  • Ever wondered what the future of coffee tastes like? We think it tastes like progress and delight!

    Roast House has supported World Coffee Research for some time now, donating an additional fee per pound of green coffee we purchase across the board. This year, that support has paid off with a delightful harvest of the F1 Hybrid at Aquiares in Turialba, Costa Rica. This variety was grown 1,300 meters above sea level and processed using the washed method.
  • Drip
    French Press

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