Congo Mapendo

Congo Mapendo

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A vibrant cup layered with notes of vanilla cream, papaya, and nectarine.

As a women-founded, owned, and operated company, it's stupid important that we focus our sourcing energy to work with groups promoting a sustainable future for women and families.

Enter Mighty Peace Coffee and the Mapendo cooperative! They've taught us a lot more about the reality of specialty coffee in DRC. Mapendo, Swahili for “love,” is farmed by a cooperative whose membership is nearly 40% women. This particular lot is comprised entirely from the women producers of the cooperative. Many of the women that produced Mapendo are widows as a result of the conflicts that have destabilized parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gender justice is one of their key pillars and they work with organizations such as OXFAM to implement Gender Action Learning Systems. These systems comprise role playing and visual tools to help farmers plan their lives and sustainable livelihoods.

This coffee represents our shared commitment to sustainability, equity, and innovation.

Mapendo is one of 4 washing stations where coffee is processed at. Grown in the South Kivu region between 1,480-2,000 meters above sea level of the famous Kenya variety, SL-34 and processed using the washed method.