PRE-ORDER Colombia Wush Wush Honey

PRE-ORDER ONLY. We’ll be roasting every Thursday on our lab roaster to ship out Friday morning. 

A tropical punch in your mouth- but in the most delightful way! First sip kickstarts this FlavorTown adventure with vibrant peach followed by a textured sweetness similar to fresh watermelon. Take a second to collect your thoughts after that first mind-blowing sip, then expect a delicate sweetness of honey and subtle banana tasting notes. Buckle up, there's a third sip left in that cup with those tropical tasting notes with a marathon of dragonfruit and other juicy tropical fruit flavors. 

Wush Wush is a rare, low-yield variety founded in Southwest Ethiopia with the original transplants arriving in South America some 30 years ago. This offering comes from our long-term relationship with Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera in Colombia. Processed using the honey process, this rare variety was picked at 28 degrees Brix for maximum ripeness and sweetness. The whole cherries were then fermented anaerobically in stainless steel tanks. If that wasn't enough to produce mega sweetness, they depulped the cherries and anaerobically fermented those tasty lil' seeds again before being washed. 

The result is one of the most complex coffees we've ever had the pleasure of sourcing and serving! With only 100 pounds to share, we chose to honor this special coffee with a limited edition mug to match.

Picking up a few other roasts? We’ll send those on Monday with your mega rare Colombia Wush Wush Honey.

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