Colombia Peaberry

In this honey processed Peaberry from La Pradera in Colombia, expect aromatics of orange peel and raspberry. The first sip hits you with tangerine, then sinks into hot apple pie, and finishes with syrupy lavender- a truly complex cup. Inside a typical coffee cherry, you will find two seeds growing side by side- these seeds are what we know as "coffee beans". However, some coffee cherries will only produce one seed as a result of a natural mutation- which is called a peaberry. Peaberries are said to be superior to other beans because of this mutation- producing brighter acidity and intense sweetness. Our Peaberry comes from our friends at La Pradera Hacienda Cafetera in Aratoca, Santander, Colombia. The farm is situated near the Chicamocha Canyon- the second largest canyon in the world that creates a unique and favorable microclimate for coffee production. The farm is joined by 8 other farms and employs 15 permanent employees and 172 season employees, including 30 women. Every coffee we have roasted from La Pradera has blown us away and this one is no exception.

Try it on Drip, Pour Over, and Espresso.

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