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A toasty cup layered with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and marshmallow.

In the 90’s, an iconic flavor profile emerged within the PNW cafe world for espresso. The blend was generally composed of a pulp-natural or wet-hulled processed coffee known for their earthy and heavy bodied cup profiles along with a classic, rich coffee from Latin America. 

When we opened our doors in 2010, we knew we wanted to recreate this flavor profile for our espresso bar focused cafes and named it after our address in Spokane, Washington. While the past 12+ years have grown accustomed to more complex and vibrant single origins (which we love), we want to maintain a nod to the roots of espresso in the PNW by keeping this classic profile. 

Each component highlights our commitments to supporting certified producers and building long-term relationships in the supply chain. Currently composed of a women-produced coffee from Honduras roasted two different ways to highlight different characteristics combined with Keto Tepasi, an earth friendly offering from Papua New Guinea bringing earthiness and a syrupy texture in the mouthfeel.

This blend features a mix of our F-Bomb, Honduras Pacayal, and Papua New Guinea Keto Tepasi with roasty base notes that extend into subtle spice and molasses.

Try it on French Press or Espresso.

our blending approach

Many moons ago, coffee traders thought it'd be a good idea to take two different origins with vastly different cup profiles and combine them to make a super blend of deliciousness.

To honor the industry tradition, we take our long-term relationships with cooperatives and producers to create our line of house classics. While coffee as a plant changes in quality yearly, we work to ensure the flavor profiles of our blends remain predictable and comforting.