Oftentimes, sustainability means making hard decisions today that will produce a viable model for the next generation. 

Roast House Coffee was founded in 2010 by Deborah Di Bernardo with one focused vision in mind: source dynamite organic coffees exclusively. Over the years, we have remained committed to only sourcing organic coffee and specialty producers around the globe who share in those values. By sourcing shade-grown coffee produced without the use of chemicals, we support the preservation of the beautiful planet we love so much.

Our dedication to sourcing organic coffees, supporting producers by paying sustainable wages, and developing long-term relationships doesn’t happen alone. We rely on high-trust partnerships in order to create lasting relationships with the same producers year-to-year. 

We are a tiny company with limited reach, having trusted exporters and importers allows us to provide the necessary tools producers need in order to continue producing damn good coffee. Working with transparent partners creates an environment for discussion and decision-making which lines up with our commitment to paying sustainable wages and sourcing organic specialty coffees. Over the last 10 years and counting, we’ve built rapport, trust, and transparency to ensure that when you drink a cup of Roast House, you are supporting people from producers around the world to our team, all fighting for a more sustainable specialty coffee industry.

Beyond paying producers what they need in a particular harvest, every pound of green coffee we purchase includes a donation to the work that World Coffee Research is doing for the future of coffee. 

Local Spokane Community

While partnering with sustainability efforts around the globe, we value in promoting those in our local Spokane community. Partnering with nonprofits, together we advocate good-citizenship and cooperative efforts to preserve our planet’s natural resources and actively Change the World. From advocating for Spokane River health to outdoor recreation and events, The Lands Council is moving local environmental priorities ahead

We would love to partner with you and provide our coffee as a fundraising tool. Drop us a line and let’s change the world together!