This coffee is delicious any time of the year and pairs well with pretty much anything. Deep and robust, it has the aroma of dark chocolate and rich fruit. The body is bold and has hints of black cherry and dry cacao that extends into a syrupy finish. Mornings at the Roast House are full of pleasant aromatics as Kyle heats up the roaster and starts roasting delicious organic beans for the day. If you know our owner, Deb, then you might be able to guess how F-Bomb got its name. On mornings when we roast this Mexican coffee, she’s likely to pop out on the roasting floor popping f’bombs about “baking brownie aroma.” It was then endearingly named, “F-Bomb,” to honor its aromatics- plus it is freaking good! Unión Majomut is a Fair Trade cooperative grouping of 1,500 small indigenous coffee producers from the Tzeltal and Tzotzil ethnic groups in the Chiapas Highlands region of Mexico where the Lancandon rainforest fades into pine forests. This region is famous for its many mountain ranges, volcanic soil and rain. All these factors contribute to producing excellent quality coffees.Their objectives are to improve the overall living conditions of their producers' families and develop alternative ways of doing business, such as: selling their coffee direct, organic farming to protect and conserve the soil, strengthening self sufficiency in food production. Their work includes the development of food self sufficiency and organization of women coffee growers.

Our favorite brew methods are French Press, Aeropress, and Drip.

Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade

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