423 Blend

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flavor profile

This blend epitomizes the delight of roasty base notes enhanced by sweet and syrupy acidity, creating a unique, yet satisfying cup. Subtle spice is a constant with a pop of bittersweet orange. While the roasty depth is there from the start, the sweet, bright finish leaves you uplifted, optimistic, and ready to rock.

coffee story

When we opened our doors in 2009, local espresso drinkers were looking for a strong, yet smooth take on the elixir of Italy. Enter 423. Roasted to a medium profile, this coffee aims to satisfy those in search of the many faces of espresso: stout enough for an early morning Americano; boisterous enough to cut through milk and still hold its deep flavors in a midday Latte; sweet enough for a late afternoon doppio.

brew methods

French Press

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