Coast To Coast

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flavor profile

A rock solid blend for both espresso and drip brew methods. As espresso it pulls complex caramelized sugars and bright apricot characteristics; via drip it produces a sweetly layered cup of caramel, juicy stone fruits and a Swiss chocolate finish.

coffee story

One of our newest additions to the roasting team, Kyle Siegel, developed an espresso blend with two of our most recent Limited Releases to blow your mind this season. In an effort to put together everything he loves about an outstanding espresso, great development of mouthfeel and sweetness while maintaining the integrity of acidity that both these coffees have "Coast to Coast" was born. While developed on the espresso machine, we find it absolutely delicious on filter brew methods such as Aeropress and drip.
Comprised of our Washed Guatemala Manos de Mujer and Washed Ethiopia Suke Quto comes a blend to savor.

brew methods

Espresso: 19g dry coffee, 38-40g liquid espresso, 27-32 seconds @ 9 bars
Pour-Over: 23g dry coffee, 390g filtered water off-boil, 3:30-4 minute brew time

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