Ride The Edge
Ride The Edge
Ride The Edge
Ride The Edge

Ride The Edge

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Size 12oz
Grind Whole Bean

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A balanced cup layered with notes of chocolate, apricot, and roasted almond.

One of our very first priorities after opening our doors was to create a sustainable blend of coffee specifically for our vibrant local cycling community in memory of Dave Moffitt, pioneer of Spokane mountain bike culture. With the help, humor and taste buds of a group of dedicated cyclists, we worked to pull together Ride The Edge, a blend perfect for the post-ride refuel. 

All seasonal blends are made with at least one gender equity initiative focused coffee. These programs focus on empowering women producers and building strong family units for sustainable family farms for years to come.

This year we combined our washed Ethiopia Suke Quto, women-produced Colombia Santa Maria, and Peru Rutas del Inca.

Try it on Espresso, Drip, Pour Over.

our blending approach

Many moons ago, coffee traders thought it'd be a good idea to take two different origins with vastly different cup profiles and combine them to make a super blend of deliciousness.

To honor the industry tradition, we take our long-term relationships with cooperatives and producers to create our line of house classics. While coffee as a plant changes in quality yearly, we work to ensure the flavor profiles of our blends remain predictable and comforting.